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I'm DeCall, and this is my world.  Yeah, we have a lot of kids.  We barely fit in our 15 passenger van (see bottom left).  Me, me, me... you know, this may as well be about me and my wife and my kids and my whole family tree and my 11 brothers and my mom and dad and my business and my dad's business and what I'm reading and what we are doing.  Seriously, we are so happy.  Yeah, we have our tough moments.  My wife Ana is the best!  I respect and adore her so much.  Oh man we have a lot of teens.... A bunch of girls who all want a drivers license and a car of course.  Me and the boys always enjoy doing the guy stuff together.     My family and my business and the gospel of Jesus Christ... that's my life.  

Genesis, Lauren, Taylor, Paz,
Linnea, Ana, DeCall, Lissette,
Turner, Fernando, Tanner, Tate (L-R top down)

World Record 11 Eagle Scouts

World Record! 11 Eagle Scouts in ONE Family! Darrin, Charles, Robby, Gordon, Devin, ....Top Row Eddie, Ralph, Gilbert, Rex, DeCall, Harvey ...... READ MORE also Scouting Magazine

Family of Larrie & Sherry Thomas

Larrie & Sherry Thomas Family ......... 12 Children and 29 Grand Children

(Now 36 Grand Children, soon to be 38!)

Pinewood Derby

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Family Pictures
Family Trees
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Monroe Co., KY genealogy ; Devin Thomas Damascus ; Eleven Eagle Scouts ; Thomas Wood Hood Belcher Ryherd Fitzgerald Jackson Hunter Jenkins Witcher Cassetty Eubank Chandler ;Washington Co., TN ;Ralph Thomas ; Las Vegas


Lea Taylor Lauren DeCall Sherry (died 1 Aug 2003) Tanner Tate Turner Linnea
Eddie Darrin Ralph Charles Gilbert Robby Rex Gordon DeCall Devin Harvey Ralph Kelly Taylor DeCall Sherry
Tanner Tate Turner Lauren Linnea Lea Mom Dad Harvey
Trevor Elaine Eddie Liz Charles Mary Anne Rex Gilbert Nichole Jackie
Devin Larrin Gordon Sarah
Johnny Becky Robby Darrin Lisa Colt Mavrick Max Kendal Sabrina Deanna Carrol Ann Steven Spencer Calista Amy Elissa Derek Hayden Cecil Kristen Luke Preston